Server Rules

ATLAS is a neutral server designed to provide a common ground for any & all gamers to have an instant contact location for the things gamers enjoy. It is also a central gathering for community leaders to come forth and better their own communities with tools that ATLAS can provide. With that said, there are some rules that need to be understood to protect this environment from malicious intent.


General Rules & Policies:

  1. Be Respectful.
  2. No Poaching. This means recruiting active members of other communities. Members must be clear of communities for 72 hours prior to recruitment.
  3. No Hostility, targeting, hacking, threatening, etc.
  4. If someone would like a section or channel added, either request it in #adminrequests or contact the Senior Admins.


Recruiting Rules & Policies:

  1. Recruiting is a first come, first serve basis. Respect the recruit’s decision on which community they want to join.
  2. Members must be absent from previous communities for at least 72 hours prior to recruitment.
  3. No spamming.
  4. Repeated abuse of the recruiting channels will result in restriction from recruiting in Atlas.


Striving For Greatness Rules:

  1. All training, workshops and events must be approved by ATLAS Senior Advisors.
  2. The #developing-leaders can be used by anyone as a place for discussion and advice.


Breaking Rules:

  • 1st offense – Warning and/or suspension from using the server or parts of the server.
  • 2nd offense – 1 week ban from server.
  • 3rd offense – Permanent ban from server.