ATLAS Leadership

The leadership of ATLAS consists of appointed individuals who discuss and make decisions that could impact the direction entire community. This includes but is not limited to organizational changes, implementation of new programs, removal of communities due to rule violations, etc.

AI Aire V

Aire has been with ATLAS since its creation. She has been an integral part of the overall organization of the community, providing her expert insight and experience to ensure success. A valued part of the leadership team & an original Founding Member, she is entrusted with the ownership of the Discord Server & keeps the rest of the Senior Admins in line (usually in the form of corporal punishment.






AI Miagi V

Miagi joined the leadership team as an original Founding Member, and now overseeing all of the back-end web operations. His expertise in coding & design provides ATLAS with unique systems & tools to aid the community. His work includes the ATLAS Community Tracking System, the ATLAS Discord Bot, and the main website. As the brain child of the team, Miagi is usually volunteered for all intellectual competitions.














Koda has been a member of the ATLAS leadership team since its inception. An original Founding Member, he aids in keeping the team on task with the administrative functions of the group, as well as updating content to the main site. He is usually found lurking in deep in the shadows of the server closet, hopeful for any scraps tossed his way.



AI Blaze V

Blaze, a valued member of the leadership team, assists in bringing forth workshop opportunities & community involvement. Originally one of the Founding Members tasked with Training, and Quality Improvement, he now works with us as a senior admin specializing in the Striving for Greatness areas. With a passion for bettering others, it is no wonder why we keep him around!







AI Anubis V

Anubis joins the team as one of the original founding members. Valued for his personal insight on changes to the teams, organization, and structure, he works well with the rest of the leadership team on improving ATLAS as a whole. Working insane hours, he somehow manages to still dedicate time to us here at ATLAS while still remaining sane.